Country: France
Substrate: Chicory

After 5 months in the field, the root beet of the chicory is harvested and has no similarity whatsoever with the product we know from the supermarket. Lined up upright in plastic baskets, the 15-20 cm long tubercles wait in the refrigerator for their move to the greenhouses. Within 3 weeks the delicious chicory salad buds grow there.

Where to put the inedible root beets, which make up a good 30% of the plant, afterwards?

Of course to the biogas plant! But our customer had a problem: for one thing many of the beet chunks remained in the fermentation residue afterwards the fermenter which reduced the biogas potential; and for the other the twin-shaft shredder was also constantly paralysed by smaller stones and the very large chunks blocked the pumps. Our test with the RBG08 quickly convinced him. With a consistency similar to sugar beet, root beets are a "good fodder" for the organic grinder. The Biogrinder remains unperturbed by stones. Mixed with recirculated materials, the fine chicory pulp can be pumped into the fermenter after crushing, where it unfolds its full biogas potential.