Thoroughly frayed. Faster decomposed

The BIOGRINDER enables the feeding of residual field crops and difficult types of manure (e.g. poultry manure) into the biogas plant and thus ensures a large variety of raw materials and high economic efficiency. The substrates can be optimally digested, because the BIOGRINDER mechanically defibers the input materials via impact and shearing forces instead of cutting them. This increases the surface area of the biomass and thus also the surface for bacteria to attack, which enables faster and more efficient decomposition in the fermenter.

The profitability of the biogas plant is significantly increased:

  • Higher and faster gas yield
  • High throughput rates
  • Shorter residence time in the fermenter
  • Less energy consumption (e.g. during stirring)
  • Substrates with low market value become usable

You also benefit from other advantages:

  • Easy integration into existing biogas plants
  • Feeding of various & difficult materials
  • More stable system management
  • Insensitive to impurities
  • Low wear and tear
  • Avoidance of floating layers
  • Adjustment of the degree of digestion via the percussion tools

We offer the BIOGRINDER in two sizes and several motorization variants, which allows an optimal adaptation to your biogas plant.

With the BIOGRINDER as an efficient system for processing silage, field residues, poultry, horse or cattle manure and organic waste, you remain flexible despite changing market conditions and legal requirements.

We put energy efficiency into practice - with the BIOGRINDER!

Results of the study by the University of Hohenheim

Practical tests in the research biogas plant at the University of Hohenheim showed that mechanical processing led to an increase in gas yield of more than 40%. The complete utilisation of horse manure in biogas plants could replace almost 170,000 ha of farmland with energy maize in Germany.

The study results at a glance:

  • Processing has a positive effect on the gas yield
  • In practical tests, mechanical treatment leads to an increase in the specific methane yield of up to 40%
  • A mechanical pre-treatment of manure is absolutely necessary
faster gasification
The Biogrinder RGB 08

The Biogrinder RGB 08

Percussion tools

Percussion tools

Rotor und Statorleisten

Rotor and stator bars

Find further information regarding the BIOGRINDER in our brochure for download:

Biogrinder brochure

Das Biogrinder Prinzip erklärt von Karl-Heinz Bachmann ( Praxistag 2017)