Rotor-driven impact tools defiber the material within seconds. This increases the surface area of the biomass and thus the surface area for bacteria to attack, allowing faster and more efficient decomposition.

Manure before:

Manure before

Manure afterwards:

Manure afterwards

Beets before:

Beets before

Beets afterwards:

Beets afterwards

The knifeless principle is insensitive to metal parts and stones that occur, for example, in the processing of sugar beets.


with 55, 75 or 90 kW and a impact chamber diameter of 1000mm, for large plants with high throughputs and most difficult material.

Detailed view

Detailed view of the Biogrinder
Detailed view of the Biogrinder

The Biogrinder is individually adapted to your needs by equipping it with a different number of hammers or counter cutters. We are happy to advise you.

Areas of application:

  • Horse manure
  • Corn Straw
  • Sugar Beet
  • Green rye
  • Grass silage
  • Residual field crops
  • Cereal straw (also in bales)
  • Dry chicken faeces (HTK)
  • Separated pig manure
  • Rye, whole plant silage
  • Corn silage
  • and much more besides